Our Hobby Farm

Oh my goodness! We have had a wonderful time since moving to St Michael, MN 6 short years ago. We moved from North Minneapolis, which we loved, seeking the opportunity to produce something. To see the satisfaction of planting a seed, caring for it, and harvesting the vegetable is so life affirming. Spending hours outside getting to know the seasons of MN and your land has been enriching.

In Mpls, we had a small flock of chickens which started our passion! We have now grown to a flock of over 20 chickens and 9 bee hives; S & S Hives was born. Yes, each chicken and each queen bee has a specific name and personality!

After a couple years of harvesting honey, we had a surplus of wax and had to find a way to use it up. Thus, Suzy's Bees was born. We pride ourselves on not using any chemicals in the production of our vegetables, fruits, or care for our land. We have worked to create pollinator habitats within our 5 acres and are fortunate to live across the street from a apple orchard. Needless to say, we have happy bees. Practicing beekeeping in an ethical way is sooo important to us and the key is not the honey or wax we collect but ensuring that our hives are healthy and survive each winter. We hope you will love our products and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see any recent happenings on our hobby farm.

Baby chicks in so many different colors!

The feathered ladies hanging out on the patio begging for treats

Grey Duck helping to plant peppers

Collecting dandelions in the spring for our dandelion infused sweet almond oil

Close up of a busy bee entrance

All suited up and ready to go

Daisy, our cat, helping to prep items for the Albertville Farmers Market

Set up at the Albertville Farmers Market

First sale on the website!